About Kalpana, Founder of Kays Curries

I am Kalpana, founder & owner of Kays Curries. Originally, from India grew up in a middle-class family watching my mother cook delicious & healthy meals.

When I moved to the US, the best way I experienced comfort of my home was by re-creating those meals. But cooking Indian food takes time and effort. There's the grocery shopping, the prep time, and the cooking time. With busy schedules and no time to cook I looked for alternatives. Pre-packaged meals, take-out, and frozen meals were not sustainable, not healthy, and expensive.

Kays Curries was born out of a need I had inspired by the dry American soup mixes. Just add water and cook. Our meals are all natural with no preservatives and cater to most dietary restrictions - vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, nut-free, and sesame-free. They are also great for camping and traveling.  

Thank you for being here.

Kalpana (or call me 'Kay)

Kalpana Founder of Kays Curries