A Festive Feast: Chef Gerry’s Char-Grilled Chicken Biryani

As the holiday season twinkles into view, it's time to think about that show-stopping dish for your festive table. And we've got just the culinary star: Chef Gerry Furtado’s Char-Grilled Chicken Biryani. A hit at the recent Hope & Main’s fundraising dinner, this dish isn't just delicious—it’s a conversation starter!

Unwrap Flavor with Kay’s Curries Meal Kit

The magic begins with the Kay’s Curries Chicken Biryani Meal Kit, loaded with our signature masala spice blend to guarantee an authentic taste sensation.

A Char-Grilled Twist

Chef Gerry took the traditional biryani to new heights by char-grilling the chicken after marinating it in our fragrant masala. The smoky flavors from the grill mingled with the spices to create a biryani that was a feast for the senses.

The Perfect Garnish

No biryani is complete without its garnishes, and Chef Gerry's was no exception. A cooling raita, a tangy slice of lemon, and a hint of fresh mint were the perfect accompaniments, adding refreshing notes to the richly spiced dish.

Make Your Holidays Unforgettable

Envision your holiday or New Year’s dinner graced with this sumptuous biryani. It’s more than a meal—it’s an unforgettable experience that brings joy, warmth, and perhaps a new holiday tradition.

Craft the Magic at Home:

1. Char-Grill the Chicken: Marinate your chicken with the masala from our kit, then char-grill it to smoky perfection.
2. Assemble the Biryani: Prepare the aromatic rice according to the kit instructions.
3. Layer and Serve: Combine the char-grilled chicken with the rice, garnish with raita, lemon, and mint, and watch your guests be delighted.

Ready to Impress?

Get ahead of the festivities and order your Kay’s Curries Chicken Biryani Meal Kit now. This holiday season, make Chef Gerry’s char-grilled masterpiece the highlight of your celebration. With Kay’s Curries, you’re not just cooking; you’re creating moments that will become cherished memories.

Happy Holidays, and cheers to a delectable New Year!